How to Sell Your Catalytic Converter

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Why Sell Catalytic Converters?

Best Prices offered for the used Catalytic Converter

This car part has become a hot commodity in the scrap industry thanks to the price of precious metals which can be found within a catalytic converter.

Who Buys Used Catalytic Converters?

Our Avarage payout is very high!!

When you choose to sell a catalytic converter, it’s important to use a legitimate business that will give you the best price. Because it’s an item that’s full of metal, you’ll need to get in touch.

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How Much Is a Catalytic Converter Worth?

Just Give Away your Catalytic Converter

Before selling catalytic converters, you should always get a quote so that you know how much you will be paid. Most scrap companies can give you the catalytic converter price if you supply them with the serial or model number,.

Use A Price Guide (347-9704670)

A catalytic converter price guide allows you to see how much you can get paid from each individual catalytic converter by simply typing in the part number. Some companies offer a price list exclusively to their customers.

Keep Your Buyer Honest.

Now that you have a price guide, regardless of who you sell your catalytic converters to, you can use it as a reference. Many business operators have road buyers who offer them cash for their converters and are being taken advantage of because of their limited.

Sell Your Catalytic Converters.

The first thing you should do if you are planning to sell your catalytic converter is to identify the type of converter you have or regularly receive. OEM catalytic converters have a higher recycling value than an Aftermarket or DPF.

Why Does A Catalytic Converter Have Value?

Within a catalytic converter, there are valuable precious metals that are responsible for filtering out the toxic exhaust from your vehicle’s inner workings. These precious metals are Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium.

How Much You Wll Be Paid?

This varies by car and the condition of your catalytic converter. Still, on average, scrap catalytic converters are worth between 300 $ to 1500 $ when sold as scrap at your local wrecking service. Call Now(347-9704670)